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My name is Larry Baumgart.  I have lived and worked throughout Canada and the United States for over 40 years.  I have been an independent contractor since 1993.   Since receiving a University of Waterloo degree in mathematics and computer science, I have worked with high technology companies to establish and develop their sales and marketing presence.   My extensive industry contacts and technical experience allows me to be resourceful and expeditious in looking for innovative and successful ways to take my client’s services and/or products to market.

My passion is community empowerment through cooperative endeavors facilitating local economic broadband development.  “What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community!”.  I call myself a community broadband architect.

I have been involved in the business development of wireless projects: a unique satellite application involving OFDM; innovative wireless terrestrial infrastructure access; and a SCADA application involving AMR and streetlight monitoring and energy conservation.   I was contracted as Director, Business Development, to Wave Wireless Inc. and actively involved in consulting on various U.S. and Canadian projects in developing rural and remote broadband community empowerment strategies for “bridging the digital divide”.   In addition, I was contracted with carriers such as Navigata Communication (wholly owned subsidiary of Sasktel) to develop the edge of their network through a wireless network and channel strategy. Previously I served as Director, Business Development, and Vice President U.S. Sales for Wi-LAN establishing their U.S. offices, channel direction, OEM strategy, and quadrupled their U.S. revenues in less than a year. I was a founder of Canadian InfoSure Corporation (subsidiary of Data Base File Tech), and as Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, established sales and marketing plans for a fully automated backup, archiving and retrieval service for data.   Previously I was President of Pacific Interconnect Enterprises Inc., founding and establishing that company as the foremost corporate and wholesale Internet service provider and web hoster in British Columbia.


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  1. Hi Larry. May I copy some of your material to give to some local folks who need to understand what it takes to start a coop? Full credit given to you.
    Sid Rimmington
    760.362.4201 S. California.

    • Sorry, I’ve been preoccupied on other fronts for quite some time. Of course feel free to use whatever just give credit as well to those who I have refenced. Thanks for asking. Good luck with your endeavors.

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