Bartering Broadband to Cooperacy

Previously in another post, Cooperatively Barter, Trade, and Swap, I indicated a number of ways for a community to prevail in tough economic times.  More specific though to this blog is how you can use bartering, trade and swap to ensure the success of your community’s broadband endeavors.

As part of your community’s network business plan consider bartering broadband access to those community resources that can be of assistance.   Think about the resources that you need such as installers, technicians, an accountant, a lawyer, a web developer, computer repair, etc.  There are a considerable number of resources that are going to be needed.  So, in exchange for service you offer not only free broadband and VoIP, you offer them a lead generation agreement as well as being part of a service cooperative.  For every qualified lead that becomes a customer, or perhaps a cooperative member, you credit their usage account.  These credits can be used directly for the benefit and success of the community’s network.  These credits may also be used by the resource for additional service such as access to locally available online applications, perhaps business video surveillance.  Or, the credits may be even donated to a local charity, or, a local charity’s silent auction.

These resources become in fact stakeholders in an enterprise and could also become shareholders.  This in turn leads to cooperacy.  I’ve explained this in more detail in another post here, Cooperacy through Community Stakeholders and Shareholders,   This transition can be readily accomplished by a community willing to invest in their own economic future.

What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community!


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