Bartering Broadband to Cooperacy

Previously in another post, Cooperatively Barter, Trade, and Swap, I indicated a number of ways for a community to prevail in tough economic times.  More specific though to this blog is how you can use bartering, trade and swap to ensure the success of your community’s broadband endeavors.

As part of your community’s network business plan consider bartering broadband access to those community resources that can be of assistance.   Think about the resources that you need such as installers, technicians, an accountant, a lawyer, a web developer, computer repair, etc.  There are a considerable number of resources that are going to be needed.  So, in exchange for service you offer not only free broadband and VoIP, you offer them a lead generation agreement as well as being part of a service cooperative.  For every qualified lead that becomes a customer, or perhaps a cooperative member, you credit their usage account.  These credits can be used directly for the benefit and success of the community’s network.  These credits may also be used by the resource for additional service such as access to locally available online applications, perhaps business video surveillance.  Or, the credits may be even donated to a local charity, or, a local charity’s silent auction.

These resources become in fact stakeholders in an enterprise and could also become shareholders.  This in turn leads to cooperacy.  I’ve explained this in more detail in another post here, Cooperacy through Community Stakeholders and Shareholders,   This transition can be readily accomplished by a community willing to invest in their own economic future.

What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community!


Counting Sheeple

You’ve got to be kidding or dozing.  The American electoral process has to be one of the most costly and assinine ways to seek representation.   I suspect the duration is warranted to give enough spin time to influence the sheeple and allow more time for the wolves in sheeple clothing to work their influence.

I would like to live in a country where money does not dictate who gets elected; where political donations are limited; where corporations don’t override the people; where politicians receive no more compensation or benefits than those that serve on the front lines, or, for that matter having no more benefits than those homeless.

There should be a political IQ and conscience sobriety test.  Of course a synonym for sobriety is abstinence. 

We’re spending way too much time “de-spinning” what political parties, UN, IMF, NATO, Federal Reserve, etc. reports.  We should be spending the time building from a grass roots endeavor, building community networks from grass root endeavors.

As an aside, a Bruce Cockburn song, “Call It Democracy”, from 1985, which I first heard today, , makes me wonder where in hell, quite literally, have I been for over 25 years as the lyrics can’t be more relevant today as they were then. I guess we really get caught up on living our own lives trusting others as conscientious bellwethers without realizing how badly we are being misled as sheeple through propaganda and irrelevant statistics.

I mean really, how in the hell does a UN report, United Nations Global Broadband Report (23 Sept 2012) , get published in the first place that measures fixed or wireline broadband connections per capita, instead of per household.  I know quite often I’m in the doghouse but it doesn’t have any broadband connection that I’m aware of.  If we really want to de-spin something, then de-spin all the broadband statistics here in the United States which includes DSL which for the most part offers only 896 Kbps upstream.  That’s all that I can get in suburbia.  Whereas, the FCC has defined broadband as 1Mbps upstream and 4Mbps downstream.  Does that ever blow current broadband statistics away and puts us into the dark ages of broadband.

You have to love those ads though saying that they can give you up to 50 Mbps of throughput and don’t tell you how much upstream.  The word “up” of course is misleading and really implies that you only get a mere fraction of that during busy times.  Try recalling the times when you attempted to call your family on Christmas Day on the landline and all you got was a busy signal.  That’s called oversubscribing and it is done with broadband as well.

If you really want accurate statistical information then have each household count the number of times per hour that their online movie gets suspended while waiting for the video stream.

Wolves in Sheeple Clothing

I was looking for free images of wolves in sheep clothing for another article in this Community Development blog, as a follow up on another similar posting, Shearing and Slaughtering of Sheeple and came across something interesting.

The availability of information on the Internet is like peeling layers of onion skins, sometimes taking us where our naiveté is exposed and in want of more information.   Sometimes what you read seems incredulous so you seek clarification from diverse sources and ultimately come to your own conclusions.

We are living in an age of deceit which will inevitably separate those with conscience and those without.   You will find more on that topic in a separate post, Community Ark of the Covenant.

Please forgive me for being skeptical, cynical, and now guarded, as seemingly even many church groups are forming and conducting themselves on the basis of being faith-based multilevel marketing schemes.  I’ve witnessed firsthand unconscionable predatory actions of presumably respected church members, truly wolves in sheeple clothing.  This problem will inevitably grow with an aging population.  This observance made me wonder why churches are not founded on the basis of more accountable ideals, such as cooperative ideals, which I’m quite familiar with for empowering people and community.  So, I initiated on a LinkedIn Group, “Cooperatives” the following discussion,  “Has anyone ever heard of a church or faith-based facility being owned and managed by a community cooperative endeavor? It would seem to be a logical way to organize something like that.”, .  The resulting comments were of interest and basically substantiated the fact that no facility exists like that today that I’m currently aware of.

Wolves in sheeple clothing seem to be pervasive, in politics, in business, in your neighborhood and where you would least expect it, in religion.

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