Shearing and Slaughtering of Sheeple

The shearing and slaughtering of the intellectual and resource capacity of sheeple through cloud computing is becoming more and more apparent.  Picture these sheep below (wished I could give credit to the originator) as users of cloud computing applications where you are giving up private and confidential information and paying monthly revenue to do so.  Personal computers were initially very empowering technological tools; that’s what made Bill Gates filthy rich.  Then came the Internet and communication and collaboration on a scale never before achieved much to the chagrin of pathological globalists.  To counter, the process of shearing using these same tools is now practiced by globalists; little by little robbing you of your empowerment while making you pay for it.  Are you starting to feel indentured?  If not, are you ever going to wake up sheeple, before you are slaughtered.  To do nothing makes you as culpable as the perpetrators.

Think about it!  It makes more sense to host applications (cloud applications) within the community, perhaps through a community media center, for several reasons: it mitigates dependence on the backhaul telecommunications infrastructure; reduces the cost of the backhaul; facilitates peering of disparate networks within the community; keeps revenue in the community; can foster an open access community network; utilizes resources within the community; and maximizes local economic development.  In keeping aspects of the cloud within the community, the community itself becomes an ASP (Application Service Provider) and the content drives what is required out of their telecommunications infrastructure to facilitate local access to their applications.

Let me see if I can put it a different way. Let’s say you decide to give up your home’s bathroom in favor of using a public one, that is, outsource it,  for a number of reasons: you no longer have to maintain it; associated sundry items through massive bulk buying becomes cheaper; you now know what your monthly costs are for defacating;  you don’t need tools like a toilet plunger any longer; you don’t have to worry about its air conditioning or heat or humidity; you no longer have to be concerned about how much water and electricity it consumes;  you get some added space back for storage because the garage is full; and you hopefully no longer have to contend with other family members in getting access. Of course the downside is that now: you have to travel a little further, especially if the public facilities are in a different community; you are now paying a monthly usage cost, perhaps in a different community, for defacating; it may be inconveniently closed due to a backup; the local plumber goes bankrupt and loses his home; the local bathroom shop goes out of business; the local hardware store downsizes and lays staff off; maintenance staff may be on strike; the road you travel may be congested or under construction; and all your neighbors have also been caught up by the mindless hype and have done the same thing putting an enormous demand on the transportation highways. Infrastructure requirements are lessened the closer the bathrooms are to your homes, and, as with telecommunication requirements, the closer your information needs are met to your homes the less you are going to need infrastructure.

I still wish I had my old cell phone which was also a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and it would synch directly with my personal little cloud on my very personal computer without putting any burden whatsoever on the Internet. Crap, my smart phone now can’t synch directly with my less than personal computer unless it goes into the cloud storing the information somewhere in the world along with thousands of others.

Bottom line is that distributed processing is far superior to centralized processing because it puts less burden on the telecommunications infrastructure and more importantly it is more empowering and autonomous. Hence a cloud in a box, insourcing, can mitigate telecommunication infrastructure through meeting tiered information requirements: personal cloud, family cloud, corporate cloud, community cloud, etc.

To contemplate udderwise is sheer udder noncents.

What Happen$ in the Sheep Pen $tay$ in the Sheep Pen!


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  1. Another example of why distributed processing is superior to centralized processing as LinkedIn was hacked:

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