Community Revirtualized through Supply and Demand

I’ve posted previously about “Yesteryear’s Country Catalogue Store Revirtualized” and have discussed the meaning of to “revirtualize” in separate posts, but it basically refers to “revitalize virtually”.  When you think more about revirtualization, your community in itself will inevitably become revirtualized with a catalogue store, newspaper, radio, coffee shop, fitness centre, or, even a cemetery. It makes you wonder if there is some community cloud application that can facilitate a revirtualized community hotel made up of individual rooms to let in the community which could be a bed and breakfast cooperative of several resident homes (another cooperative business plan in the making for someone).

The content associated with this inevitable community revirtualization is going to demand bandwidth, vast amounts of bandwidth. Isn’t this just simply supply and demand based on content where connectivity is merely the infrastructure of delivery; content drives connectivity?

I think that I will start a series based on community revirtualization. It could be the basis for new business plans for someone, for example, the revirtualization of cemeteries, a big demand coming from the Boomers.  Let me know what you come up with, as inevitably we will host it in our community media centre. 

Remember, the way to get this going in your community is by creating C-3PO, a community cloud cooperative PO’d, perhaps through your revirtualized coffee shop, stay tuned.

What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community!


Cooperacy through Community Stakeholders and Shareholders

Cooperacy is defined as the four C’s: Community, Content, Connectivity, and Cooperation.  Community Development Cooperatives, CDCs, represent demographic areas which may be rural and remote communities, incorporated or unincorporated municipalities, urban or suburban communities.  CDCs may collectively organize as a federation of cooperatives to the benefit of a larger geographic and demographic area which may then encompass counties, districts, states, and countries.

Perhaps to make things more simplistic a graphical representation of what your community needs to do to empower itself with its own resources is needed.  So, below you have on the left community stakeholders made up of the community’s residents, businesses, associations and institutions in the form of a cooperative, either for profit or not for profit.  On the right you have an enterprise, a company, a corporation with shares controlled 51% by the community development cooperative.  The remaining 49% may be made up of investments by individuals or corporations or institutions.  Those investors may have an exit strategy in which case the enterprise could become wholly owned by the CDC and eventually become a cooperative endeavor itself.  The enterprise may return profits in the form of dividends back to the shareholders and hence the stakeholders, the CDC.  The enterprise could be a cannery, lumber company, casino, utility company, or whatever; but for our broadband purposes and its importance to local economic development, let’s call the enterprise a community media centre.

Separating stakeholders from shareholders has the initial advantage of efficiency and bringing resources through incentives to a community that might not have the necessary resources.  It also has the advantage of protecting the interests of incumbents and fostering their business, such as the local ISP or local newspaper.

The biggest difficulty is finding a community champion and getting started.  I advocate initially creating C-3PO which could in turn evolve into a CDC.  Basically, a few companies and/or individuals with required skills may get together to create a community cloud cooperative, a community portal cloud, the community’s economic development content seed.

A great example of this cooperacy is in Sangudo, Alberta, Canada, where the local development cooperative, Sangudo Opportunity Development Co-operative, facilitated a custom meat packer.  Cooperacy follows a tribal model, just as Native Americans and Canada’s First Nations have been creating businesses such as lumber companies, canneries, casinos, etc. using this methodology. 

A CDC would then form a community foundation.  Local government could transfer public land into the foundation for bond issues to facilitate schools or other community needs.  

The possibilities are immense.

Community Cloud Cooperatives PO’d

Are you PO’d with what has been wrought upon us by globalists and centralization and pathocracy?  Then, create your own C-3PO!   Cooperation in community broadband endeavors can be readily achieved through a cooperative endeavor similar to your local farmers’ market which brings you local produce, or perhaps a virtual farmers’ market, or even better, a virtual business market.

Why shouldn’t every community form a Community Cloud Cooperative, C3 for short, perhaps even C-3PO after the Star Wars’ droid designed to serve humans, for I’m sure that we’re all PO’d about the economy etc.; hence C-3PO.

Rural and remote community broadband is not going to happen without a community champion!

This champion could be an individual, group of individuals, business, association or an institution; just as long as they don’t take an egocentric role and take on more of an altruistic perspective to the benefit of all the community. The community champion has to understand the needs and requirements of the community or at least have some preconceived notion of them, subject to change. The community champion is the catalyst to community empowerment and local economic development.

If the local Chambers of Commerce became the community cloud cooperative or a community development cooperative, , and opened their membership to individuals and lobbied for the overall community benefit and not just the businesses you would have an ideal champion.  C-3PO would be the community champion.

The cooperative would be made up of local resources to initially facilitate a community portal.  Look either to develop your own community portal or look for a company that has developed them.  Bear in mind that community portal cloud computing application is great only if it can be replicated or mirrored within the community on local community servers.  I’ve identified a few companies and looking to qualify others especially those now with a community portal phone application.

C-3PO as the community champion would in turn inspire the creation of a local community media centre, , to foster local businesses.  The community media centre would provide local voice, video, data and mobility in addition to cloud computing applications needed by the community such as a CMS, CRM, web hosting, e-mail, etc. So, basically cooperative members could be made up of individuals or businesses providing all the ingredients to facilitate local empowerment and sustainability.  This cooperative could in turn foster a broader more encompassing Community Development Cooperative, which could create a Community Foundation,

Technology and open source software is available to create your own C-3PO! 

What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community!

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