Cooperatives Bridge More than the Digital Divide!

Bridging the digital divide has undoubtedly huge implications on realizing and resolving local economic and community empowerment concerns.  There are many initiatives worldwide using a co-operative structure to facilitate local broadband to bridge the digital divide.  Interestingly enough though, is that, if these initiatives were to raise their local perspective one notch higher from being a community broadband cooperative to a community development cooperative more than just the digital divide may be bridged.

Think about it!  Whatever their reason and purpose, true co-operative endeavors bridge religion, culture, race, creed, and political differences while fostering a mutual respect of members in attaining local self sustaining prosperity and empowerment whatever their cause.  Regardless of your neighbor’s different beliefs hopefully their basic ones are really no different than yours in seeking happiness for yourself, your family, your relatives, your friends, and your community.  As a member of a community development cooperative it doesn’t matter what your religious or political beliefs are, for you are united in a more worthy cause of mutual respect.

The Internet and social media networking have created a new and sometimes different awareness of world events that needs to be protected from central control and over regulation.  The best way that this can be achieved is through a local community development co-operative which capitalizes on local social resources.  The realization of local social capital can be far more effective than that of financial capital.

Those with faith in their advocacy of mutual respect, as well as churches regardless of religion, need to become united to fight a common war against the corporate tyranny led by the pathocracy of globalists of the New World Order rather than allow them to instigate wars through false flags.  The actual current worldwide war that needs to be recognized is that between those with conscience and those without.  Bear in mind the same sociopathic and psychopathic individuals that have gained control of our media, money and military can infiltrate the most conscionable cause under the most seemingly righteous and believable veneer of pretentions and premises.  Beware of those that lie, and particularly those whose lies and actions hurt others!


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