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Jigsaw Puzzle and the Community Vision

Recently I received a comment from a reader suggesting that I didn’t have an “exclusive thought” with respect to these postings and pages.  I must thank that reader as quite often I take things for granted and assume everyone sees and interprets the way I do.  While I try to make each posting and page as entertaining and informative as possible they are really jigsaw puzzle pieces which can be put together to make up different community pictures.

Maybe I took the comment the wrong way as from another perspective I don’t have an exclusive thought for I’m sharing them with you.  Regardless, I responded directly to their comment with the following:

“The exclusive thought is community empowerment through broadband. Unfortunately it is like a jigsaw puzzle. There is no single piece that gives you what the community picture is, and there is no picture on the community box without a community vision. View these posts and pages as fundamental puzzle components upon which you can build your community’s picture. There is no single post and page that I have submitted that will give you the complete community picture; only puzzle pieces from which to work. It is really not difficult other than the fact a community needs a champion, an individual or a group of individuals, to realize the community’s vision.”

I must admit that sometimes I seem prejudiced having spent an inordinate amount time assessing and evaluating options, and coming up with what I think is the proper course of action as well as products and services to make community empowerment come about.  At the same time I will admit that there may be existing options that I have not come across.  So, please inform me if you have what you think might be other puzzle pieces that I should consider.

There are no set rules, only some basic intuition as well as milestones needing to be established.  The blueprint for assembling these puzzle pieces reflects the community’s vision.   As with jigsaw puzzles, there are basic tasks to undertake to realize your milestones and community vision.  You need only look for patterns in the community, kind of like first looking for the corners and edge pieces, then looking for colour patterns.  The community corner pieces, Funding, Applications, Infrastructure, and Methodology are here, which I refer to as FAIM or Funding with AIM.  Separately I have put together a “community empowerment through broadband” project plan blueprint.

The whole premise to community empowerment through broadband endeavors is “What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community”, and to my detractors I have the adage and bumper sticker  “BYTE Me”.  If you want one of those bumper stickers with your community portal on it, let me know.

What I want you to believe is that you can do jigsaw puzzles as well as anyone else, and they can be as simple or complex as you want them to be.  The puzzle pieces are here and you can make a picture with as few or as many pieces that you need and want.


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