Cooperative Disruption or Sustenance?

Like me you may not be familiar with a philosophy called “emergence” but its implications on us are now more than ever before.  One aspect of this philosophy is that the whole is equal to or greater than the sum of the parts.   Can you define a cooperative any better than that?

You’re no doubt familiar with the term “disruptive technology” where in some cases if you build a better mouse trap but if it contravenes the will of a well established direction, or lack of understanding, or foresight, it gets trivialized, disregarded, and swept under the table regardless of its benefits.  Investigate disruptive innovation and sustaining innovation and you will note that from the perspective of the people that cooperatives are very much a sustaining innovation through their success.  Though, from the globalists’ perspective, that is, those advocating the New World Order, cooperatives are a disruptive innovation.  In other words are cooperatives to be viewed as advocates of distributed democracy or centralized disruption? 

I’m certainly not the best theorist in this regard as my purpose is very simplistic and that is to empower communities through cooperacy with their own resources using broadband technology.  When you look at cloud computing and centralizing these applications through a process which was once referred to as time-sharing, any distributed technology would be not only deemed as disruptive technology but as a disruptive methodology contravening legacy systems and their resurrection as cloud computing applications.  For that reason alone globalists refer to any cooperative postulation as being a disruptive methodology and it will be a grass-roots movement to make the logical self sustaining correction.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Cooperatives are about as democratic and capitalistic as one can imagine.  To label them as socialistic defeats democracy in every sense of its intent to empower the populace.


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