Community Cooperacy

Four Cs now supercede the three Rs.  It is no longer about just the three Rs: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.  Our future now depends on the four Cs: Community, Content, Connectivity, and Cooperation.  A new term has been coined to accentuate this overall direction and it is referred to as “cooperacy” or even “community cooperacy”.  Just reference the following blog in the Linkedin group “Cooperatives” to see how this came about:

One merely has to follow the various connectivity technologies providing enough bandwidth to accommodate current broadband needs to realize that content really rules and indeed content is king.  More specifically look how cable providers are prevailing over the telcos, primarily due to content and primarily due to entertainment.  Look how 3G and 4G cellular technology is taking a large portion of revenue due to mobility in the form of smart phones and tablets from cable, telco, and WiMAX networks.  Consequently, should a community spend an inordinate amount of resources assessing their connectivity options?  Or, should a community best spend their resources to position themselves to manage their own content for their own benefit?  This is just another approach on “build it, they will come”.

My daughter recently pointed out to me that with social media networking you’re not the consumer, you’re the product being marketed.  So, why aren’t communities concerned with the fact that these cloud computing applications are not resident in the community?

I also refer to cooperacy as FAIM: Funding, Applications, Infrastructure and Methodology, the four fundamental aspects of empowering a community with their own resources, basically funding with an aim.  Funding, applications, infrastructure and methodology are synonymous with community, content, connectivity, and cooperation respectively.

What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community!


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