Individuality and Community Self-Reliance

There is an awakening happening. 

The awakening is happening through social media networking and individual investigation into truth.  The conjectures behind conspiracy theories are being eliminated through substantive factual evidence.  More and more people are venturing into alternative sources of information while realizing the main street media is controlled and scripted and not reflective of actuality.  For instance, our own logic  in reviewing videos of 9/11 tells us that two planes could never have brought down the World Trade Center, and certainly not the third building, nor devastated 1400 cars some of which were not even in the vicinity (notice missing vehicle parts like door handles which can only be accounted for by DEW technology).

Quietly, more and more are realizing our two-party corporate dictatorship is merely a mask of democracy fronting the New World Order being perpetrated through secret societies such as the Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Group, etc., which is really fascism in their intent and most likely in violation of the Logan Act, a federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.  Quietly, we as individuals are looking to become self-reliant and looking at ways to protect ourselves and our families from this onslaught of pathocracy.  This is not a class war.  It is not just about plutocracy or oligarchy.  It is being inflicted upon us by those without conscience having no remorse, nor empathy, for the manipulative consequences of their greed.  The unfortunate reality of this war between the unconscionable and those of conscience is rampant in many nations that are involved in this complicity.

People are looking now at increasing their garden size or joining garden cooperatives.  They are looking at raising chickens and any other alternatives to become more self-reliant.  This individual effort can become strengthened through community awareness and the community taking immediate and directed action on becoming self-reliant.  This website is dedicated to creating that process or methodology to coordinate individual efforts for the common good of the community through cooperative endeavors, true democracy.

One thing that you need to be concerned about from a community perspective is that the same psyche of the individuals that take us from one economic crisis and war to another exists in our own communities, quite often hidden behind a mask of Mother Teresa.  Do you not think that Reverend Jim Jones was not charismatic enough and psychotic enough to lead his congregation to commit one of the largest murder/suicide in U.S. history?  Don’t be fooled by the Kool-Aid.


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