Community Media Center

Call them what you will – centers of excellence, business incubators, community media centers, ICT (Information Communication and Technology) centers, micro-utilites, ICE (Internet Community Exchange) centers, SEED (Sustainability Education & Economic Development) centers, etc. – it all amounts to the same – empowering the community, especially from the broadband and Internet perspective.  By provisioning the community and the community development cooperative with technology, it becomes more attune and self-reliant; connectivity becomes less of an issue and more of a necessity.

The Community Media Center should be in a safe and secure local facility ideally used on a regular basis by the residents of the community.  It should have meeting facilities as well as a safe and secure room to host and support the back office infrastructure for the community.  Hopefully there are at least two Internet backhauls for redundancy and loadsharing.  Ideally one might be wireless, either terrestrial or satellite, to mitigate the infrastructure damage due to earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.   Backup power in the form of a generator as well as other auxiliary power sources such as wind and solar could make the center more ideal for purposes of centralizing emergency communications as well as broadening the expertise of the community for other local purposes.

Basically, the server or servers in the community media center will facilitate the local convergence of voice, video, data, and mobility.  The center will provide local hosting and switching services for this convergence and in doing so becomes an Internet Exchange or NAP (Network Access Point).  It then provides local switching not only to multiple backhauls to the Internet, but mitigates though local switching the expense of that backhaul.  Why should local business websites, especially those targeting local residents, businesses, associations and institutions be hosted outside of the community.  The websites hosted on the local servers might be mirrored at another location to mitigate backhaul costs primarily for those businesses doing business outside of the community.

By centralizing  local Internet services the center becomes a community business incubator taking advantage of local resources.

Furthermore, the center would act as a central point for the community’s walled garden and shared software, for example software for local silent auctions.  The center would be the community’s focal point and could support radio broadcasting and video streaming.  How about every Saturday morning on local Internet radio, “Buy and Sell”, with local advertising?  I like cloud computing and applications, such as those associated with social media networking like Facebook, Yelp and Twitter, as long as there is cloud dispersion technology as an option, meaning being able to run similar applications locally using community based resources to foster and nurture local businesses. With companies like Microsoft, Apple, and IBM moving monopolistically, and bullying you towards cloud based applications and services, a phenomenal opportunity is actually opening up for companies to provide applications through distributed services, DaaS, Distribution as a Service.  To make the point clear let me exaggerate – I don’t think most people want their wallets and purses being carried and stored by someone else and having to rely on their accessibility through this 3rd party which may be in another country.  The Internet was established on the basis of having no single point of failure and the move towards cloud computing  just caters to those globalists, the New World Order, to centrally control information and your life through fascism.

So, SaaS applications would be hosted locally, and perhaps even developed and supported locally.  Community’s don’t necessarily have to go along to get along.   What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community.


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