Community Economic Development through Self Reliance, Sustainability and Empowerment

A lot of what I’m addressing in my community of Maple Valley, Washington, can be just as applicable in any other community around the world:

Community economic development can be achieved and expedited with pre approved permits where applicable.   This would also facilitate fulfilling the community’s vision and expedite the development process.  Alternative financing for schools or other community needs can be facilitated through a Community Development Cooperative and Community Foundation.

The keystone to this development is the need to provide adequate broadband coverage through an open access network which is the key intent of this website.


Invest in Main Street not in Wall Street

Here is a resource, Move Your Money, to assist in developing a local community bank: and another story that took advantage of it

Community Empowerment and Democracy through Cooperation and Co-operatives

Ever wonder why smart phones, iPads, e-books, etc. are breaking all kinds of sales records despite a worldwide economic crisis wrought upon us by a class war.  This is a war that is being inflicted upon us by miscreants in the form of psychopathic dictators or corporate led governments advocating a New World Order.  This is no longer a conspiracy theory as there are too many substantiating facts dispersing conjecture. 

Think about it!  Basically, it is about empowerment, self-empowerment, and now imposed self sustainability, that is, survivorability.  Empowerment got its start when man first discovered the advantages of fire and his envious neighbors wanted it.  No, I’m not referring to barbeques, but those are just as applicable, along with the wheel, the steam engine, the telephone, the computer, and now the Internet.  Many of us now carry the Swiss Army knife of voice, video, data and mobility convergence in our pockets, the smart phone.  For those more fortunate, there may be several computers in your homes now all networked to a home media center broadcasting onto to a screen that can rival those in drive-in theatres.  Our businesses, our institutions and our associations are similarly being empowered with technology and consequently have access to the Internet for communications and promotion.  Where this “empowerment” becomes a real issue is at the community level.  The reason that this is so is because it is where the public sector first meets the private sector in terms of who has the power?  We don’t want government in control as they consistently botch things up through lack of accountability and self-indulgence.  So, inevitably a private/public partnership is best where you can mitigate government involvement, after all, they are there to serve you, and not vice versa.

Then of course from the perspective of the Internet we have a new tool called cloud computing, which in the early stages of this information age, was called timesharing before realtors got a hold of the terminology to promote vacation condominiums.  Cloud computing is about as bad as it is good, probably worse.  It has brought us social media networking.  However, remember that the Internet was established on the basis of having no single point of failure.  Yet, social media networking, which is cloud computing, contravenes this philosophy and holds us accountable to outside organizations that wish to control our information by centralizing it.  Consequently, cloud computing isn’t really about true empowerment because you have to rely on this service on an ongoing basis.  What I really like, is cloud dispersion technology, that is, putting this same technology into the community in a distributed, yet centralized, at least from the community’s perspective, manner, thereby empowering the community without the reliance of outside factors, or at least mitigating outside involvement to maximize local resources.  Remember as well, that content is king and the community should keep possession of this for a lot of reasons – “What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community!”.

Government exists for only one purpose, and that is to protect its citizens from within and from without.  Unfortunately, when government becomes controlled through oligarchies, or plutocracies, the general populace suffers and government’s purpose becomes more about self fulfillment than of a service.  Accountability gets pushed aside by greed which is fed by taxation as well as hidden taxation in the form of fees.  When that well starts to dry up, as it is doing now, then those psychopathic government miscreants start to reduce services that protect the populace, thereby saving money to indulge their avarice.  This becomes so self absorbing, that democracy and economic development becomes merely buzzwords to flaunt and ultimately disregard.

Did you know that one time it was a crime for politicians to take money from corporations.  Now it is acceptable for politicians to take corporate bribes in the form of political donations, which from a politician’s perspective could be extortion.  Regardless, who is actually shafted is the constituents unless they have the money to bribe, sorry, endorse, their representative’s objectives.  To be democratically fair perhaps these donations should be directly shared with the constituents.  I heard the other day that the cost of the next U.S. election will exceed one billion dollars.  Does anyone, other than myself, find that ludicrous, when those dollars could be best spent where they should be?  Come to think of it, with the billions of dollars that are spent on advertising and lobbying by corporations, do you think that perhaps their products could be built more cost effectively once again in America at lower cost and be more competitive?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a political party, perhaps the Co-op Party, which is common to all countries that really supported democracy, human rights, honesty, and respect for one another.  The party would represent all races, creeds, cultures, and religions, so that we can all achieve or at least strive towards harmony and once again have all those basic moral values of decency that allows us the potential to be happy and content without subjugation and live in complete cooperation.

This website is dedicated to creating Community Development Co-operatives which empowers community through a public/private partnership in the most democratic fashion where everyone in the community has equal opportunity.  I refer to this process or methodology as the “Community Ark of the Covenant” and attempt to accentuate the need through pointed humor, “Noah Today“.

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