Community Ark of the Covenant

What is needed to weather the impending storm of revolt is for communities to become united and self-sufficient.   The Internet has become unprecedented in readily accessing information, and anything anyone says, including myself, no longer has to be taken at face value but can be readily researched online.   There is no doubt class wars are occurring worldwide in revolt against oppression.  Tyranny and bullying comes in many forms, and can be inflicted by all levels of government upon the masses through dictatorships, oligarchies, and corporate plutocracies. 

Regardless of race, culture, religion or political beliefs most people around the world aspire to the same thing.  People just want to be productive, happy and content.   I say most, as there are those afflicted with ego, greed and lack of morality to the point of contemptuous inconsiderate disdainful behaviour and to the extent of inflicting crimes against humanity.  They have their own agenda, sometimes executed en masse through secret societies, but typically with the end result of inflicting pain on those just wanting peace and happiness.  I have a basic theory in that sociopaths and psychopaths, whose actual numbers are quite alarming, have inadvertently gotten control due to the naïveté of those with conscience.  How else can you explain the lack of conscience and pathological lying that has taken us from one economic crisis and war to another.  I hope at some point in time that geneticists can create something that when an individual lies their skin starts to turn some alarming color, and when these lies lack conscience, and inflict pain and suffering on others, they become some outlandish color or pattern which only subsides when truth is consistently told. 

In the meantime, perhaps we should subject people to psychological testing and put a tatoo of a “no sign” on their forehead on these guilty pathetic individuals because they are incurable, and need to be avoided.  The will and safety of the majority far outweighs individual rights.

We’re not going to be able to immediately change the country’s political and economic woes because the conscientious political will has been corrupted and seemingly lost, but as communities we can unite and help each member of the community by instilling basic responsible human values that comes by helping each other, and in doing so help oneself.

Many communities are already moving towards self-reliance, basically moving themselves back to democracy away from plutocracy.  It is time that communities create a covenant, an agreement, and build an ark, something that affords protection, to not only re-establish and protect basic human moral rights but to prevail in these desperate times.  Communities need to become self-sufficient, empowering themselves to address community shortcomings in areas of education, health, and public safety.  Community networks are not just made up of fiber, copper, cable, or wireless infrastructure, they are made up of who wish to communicate, socialize, and share in harmony to the mutual benefit of all.  Broadband is merely a tool and means to community fulfillment.

I’m tired and dismayed over community networks that are not established as private/public partnership and are run solely by government and only linking public institutions.  What you will find on this website is the basics for empowering communities through a truly democratic process called co-operatives.  You will find information, including web links, about:

  • community development co-operatives made up of the community’s residents, businesses, institutions and associations;
  • community foundations for philanthropic donations and grants such as USF;
  • community co-operative banks for local membership benefits;
  • community bonds for schools, clinics, community center, etc.;
  • community currency to foster and promote local buying; and
  • working with incumbents such as carriers, service providers, etc.

These all have the basic adage of “What Happen$ in the Community $tay$ in the Community” accomplished through the establishment of a Community Ark of the Covenant thereby returning to basic moral values, civil decency, and democracy, initiated at the grassroots level, while circumventing and avoiding the misguided self serving postulations of politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists.

Rise up against the miscreants by empowering yourselves through Community.


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