“A Community Right to Manage”

Take a look at this ReTweet:  RT @juliandobson: Communities should have a ‘right to manage’ rather than a ‘right to challenge’ – interesting from @markcwalton – http://tinyurl.com/67u5scc

It is an excellent UK perspective on getting community involvement including proposed legislation “the Decentralisation and Localism Bill”  http://www.waterways-civa.org.uk/2010/12/a-community-right-to-manage-the-localism-bill/.

As alluded to in the text, there are broader applications such as schools, clinics, hospitals, etc.

The Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF) has called on the federal government to provide funding to support conversions to worker co-ops, http://www.coopscanada.coop/en/info_resources/Publications/CooperativeNewsBriefs/12/4#article6222, which is an avenue to managing a community’s resources and assets.  Their rationalization though is intriguing in that it is also a vehicle to withstand ‘the challenge posed by the imminent retirements of large numbers of “baby boomers”‘ and subsequent labor shortages.


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