Community Pride in Ownership

Every community is a tribe, “a social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adopted strangers”, .    There may be tribes within the community tribe with common interests such as a service club, farmers’ market, church, or association.  In understanding these relationships we merely have to look at instruments and methodologies that can facilitate the empowerment of a community’s tribe.   One of those aspects is a community’s pride in ownership.  Accordingly, what we are proposing is really quite simple and straight forward and that is to put two working tribal associations together in a community, that is, a community development cooperative and a community foundation.  

We would then propose  that any community, incorporated or unincorporated, is to transfer the ownership of public property to the Community’s Foundation.  Public property actually belongs to the citizens anyway.  Private charitable donations could also be made.  The foundation in return could through cooperative equity participation raise money for schools, multipurpose performing arts center, community media center, hospital, hotel, etc., by forming a private bond placement for the benefit of the Community Development Cooperative’s members.  Voting members would have first dibs, that is, right of first refusal.  The community’s cooperative members would then reap the secured benefit of the interest on their own bond. 

Basically, why should the citizens of a community privatize the profits and socialize the debt outside of their own community, ?  In other words, why should citizens carry the debt, while others outside of the community reap the profit, especially when the community could revel in a pride of ownership similar to the citizens of Green Bay, , .   

The formation of a Community Development Cooperative and a jointly held Community Foundation overcomes these issues and gives community not only empowerment but community pride in ownership.


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